Survival knife


This knife is made out of harder material to sustain all outdoor challenges. It is heavier and designed for special survival use. It is the ultimate and lifelong partner for everyone who needs one handy tool for his or her survival 🙂

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This outdoor knife isn’t just any ordinary knife. It is bigger, heavier and wider, so it could be as effective as it gets. Because of its length and width it’s a versatile partner for all outdoor activities. Forged finish gives it an unique look and design, deserving being the name of a survival knife.


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast this is a must-have knife for you. It can be used for chopping your way through the forest or cutting smaller trees. The back of the blade was designed for igniting sparks on flint stone. This feature helps you start a fire, which makes it a real survival knife. Only your imagination sets limits to the uses of this versatile tool.

IMPORTANT: This is price without sheath. Please have in mind the price may vary, depending on your demands of blade and handle materials. All knives can be made by your wishes. Please contact me for more information.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 0.7 × 6 cm


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