TRADITIONAL FORGING in the modern age Anything is possible. Let me be the one who will shape your wildest ideas and capture your unlimited imagiation. If you can describe or draw it, I defenitely can forge it! Order now Want to try blacksmithing? Forge ideas
while they're hot


My work is my passion! In my career I created many different products, have been part of unique projects and took part in foundation of blacksmithing lodge in Slovenia.


Hand Forged Blades & Knive

I’m specialized in blade forging, so far I made various outdoor, kitchen, pocket, historic and fantasy blades.

Forged Interior & Exterior

Traditional forging can come to live in modern designs of your interior or exterior furniture and equipment.

Unique Projects

I especially enjoy custom and unique projects where my imagination and skills are pushed to the limit.

Forging courses & lessions

I want to share my knowledge and experience and pass them to blacksmithing enthusiasts.


I believe each old, rusty thing has potential to become something beautiful. With restoration I try to preserve history.

Grills & Smokers

What is better than tasty piece of grilled or smoked food? Meat or vegetables, on my grill everything tastes better!


I wouldn’t be able to design some unique projects without the skill of welding. But take note, some mix it too often with forging.


Through my work I want to perserve the blacksmithing trade combined with a modern twist. I hope this page will capture your imagination and give you some new ideas what can be created. A personal touch in each project can also make a great gift for someone you care. Feel free to contact me for any wishes you want to make into a reality.

You can trust me with your ideas and projects

  • AA+ company certificate (2018)
  • Member of Slovenian blacksmith lodge
  • Over 14 years of experience
  • Specialized for forging blades
  • Mobile forge for all kinds of events
  • Unique projects are most challenging


The course itself surprised me, despite the fact that I am watching many YouTube channels on the forging topic, I learned many new things. The course was performed perfectly, one on one, so that the master could dedicate himself to me hundred percent. Safety was provided with lectures and, of course, safety equipment. I definitely recommend the course to anyone who likes to create something with their own hands. You will not be disappointed.

- Matic

A blacksmith that turns imagination into reality. I haven’t seen a project he couldn’t handle yet. The quality of the knives is amazing. Have to be careful with the sharp edges around my fingers.

- Nika

I also took part in forging course with Tomaž and I can give only compliments. I was especially impressed by his professionalism and eagerness to help. The course is perfectly designed and organized. Tomaž is ready to share his rich knowledge and experience in this field and answer all my questions. I highly recommend it.

- Robert