Exotic Wood Protector – Green


Protector for exotic wood, laminate and stabilized wood.

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There are species of exotic woods that need a more exotic protection.
In these situations the “Green Exotic Protector” is the perfect solution.

The oil used in it is tung oil that originated in China and is much thicker than linseed oil. It protects perfectly against all weather conditions and it’s the mail ingredient in the “Green” protector.

Also the ingredients are beeswax, propolis and a proprietary “Protector base” blend.

“Green” is also great for varius types of laminates and stabilized wood, it refreshes them beautifully and gives them a new shine.

Extend 1-2mm and apply to about 1/3 of the surface. Spread it with your finger all over. Leave for several minutes to absorb. Remove excess with a cloth or paper tissue and polish.

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