Hunting knife


A bit shorter knife, which comes in handy for any outdoor activity. Still quite heavy and hard so it can sustain its robust use. It has special a handle shape so it firmly fits to your hand and offers best possible grip.

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Hunting knife is a good option for people who spend a lot of time outdoors in the nature and perform different tasks. As its name says, this kind of knife is most suitable for hunters, but can be also used for all hunters by spirit or pretty much anyone who needs high quality knife for any outdoor use.

This knife has a special handle design, which is designed to fit your hand and offer best possible grip. Because of outdoor use best material recommendation is stainless steel, which is also rust resistant. This will everyday care of this knife easier.


There are several options when it comes to hunting knives. You can choose among different blade lengths and handle materials, same as with any other types of knives. A hunting knife sheath has a special importance. Usually I design leather sheath of various colours (traditionally they’re black, brown or green, but for special order you can have it whatever colour you want). Each leather sheath can also be personalized with your logo or an imagine of your choice.

Special knife edition can have a wooden sheath, which gives the overall product more natural look and feeling. This wooden sheath can also be personalized with hand pyrography.

I offer different knife blade back designs for its uniqueness. Blades can additionally be engraved with your custom design or your name.

Please have in mind special designs and engravings are additionally charged. Below you can find some examples of custom designs.

IMPORTANT: This is price without sheath. Please have in mind the price may vary, depending on your demands of blade and handle materials. All knives can be made by your wishes. Please contact me for more information.


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