Who am I?

Profile Picture Tomaž

Blacksmithing is my passion!

My interest in blacksmithing began in my youth, while reading medieval stories about mighty battles and brave knights. Soon I became an active member of medieval association, organizing medieval events and participating as a knight. But all the time I’ve been admiring medieval blacksmiths and this was the time when I decided I will become one.

I restored an old bellow, connected it to a fireplace and found my first anvil. The sound of hammer on the anvil was like a song to my heart. My passion was born. But it is one thing to build a forge and the other to actually conquer the blacksmithing knowledge. My enthusiasm and great desire led me to hours of reading books, self-learning, often with trials and errors. You can’t imagine how stubborn iron can be 🙂 I was lucky to have a possibility to learn from many experienced blacksmiths in Slovenia and abroad.

  • Over 14 years of experience
  • Specialized for forging blades
  • Mobile forge for all kind of events
  • Unique projects are most challenging
  • AA+ company certificate
  • Member of Slovenian blacksmith logde

Hand work is becoming appreciated again. Blacksmithing combined with other tecniques transforms into unique and innovative products that can’t be manufactured industrially. I’m proud of all the experiences I’ve gained through various projects, reviving ideas together with my customers. I believe anything can be done and I love projects which others are afraid to take and turn them into a challenge. I am also an active member of Slovenian blacksmith lodge, which emphasizes the importance of our trade.

Why should you work with me?


Choice of materials often depends on the purpose of product use, but also on your desires. I use high quality materials to prolong durability and to maintain great condition of my products during many years.


Through many different project I gained vast experience which helps me to conquer new challenges. Due to diverse nature of finished projects I’m quick with solving problems and proposing innovative solutions to your inquiry.


When we start a project, I will stick with established deadline and deliver the final product on time. I’m flexible with project timeline, yet keep in mind that quality takes time.


Quality is expensive, but it lasts. I give a lifetime guarantee on (a normal use (: ) of my products which are made with materials I initially recommend.