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Book your slot at my forging course near Ljubljana!

Discover the art of forging a nd experience something new! My forging courses offer an immersive, hands-on experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the ancient craft of blacksmithing. You can select between different courses, but the most popular is a knife-making course.


Learn the Craft with Ease

As an experienced blacksmith, I will guide you through every step of the forging process, from heating and hammering to shaping and sharpening. You will learn the skills and techniques necessary to transform metal to the desired shape and function.

No matter your skill level, this course offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience that is both educational and inspiring. Join us and discover the ancient art of forging, unleash your inner blacksmith, and create something truly special.

Transform metal, transform yourself


My courses aren’t just about forging. They’re about immersing yourself in the art of forging and discovering the joy of creating something with your own hands. You will learn about the different types of metals and their properties, and gain a deep understanding of the craft that has been passed down for centuries. There is something truly magical about working with fire and transforming raw materials into something beautiful and functional. Forging is more than just a craft – it’s a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

You will also gain a sense of self-confidence and empowerment, discover what you are truly capable of, and leave with a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that you created something with your own hands. Let the fire ignite your passion, and let the transformation of raw materials into a functional work of art inspire you to transform yourself.



Different types of forging courses


Forging experience: These courses are designed to give participants a taste of blacksmithing in which they will have the opportunity to try forging techniques and work with tools under the guidance of a teacher.

This courses are suitable for:

  • Individuals or groups looking for a unique, hands-on experience or team-building activity.
  • Anyone who enjoys working with their hands and wants to try something new and creative.
  • People who are interested in blacksmithing but don’t know if they want to pursue it as a hobby or profession.

Professional forging courses: These courses are more in-depth and focused on teaching the skills and knowledge needed to pursue blacksmithing as a hobby or profession. In these courses, participants will typically work on their own projects, with detailed instruction from a teacher.

This courses are suitable for:

  • People who are serious about learning blacksmithing as a hobby or profession.
  • Individuals who want to develop their skills and knowledge in a structured, supportive environment.
  • Artists or craftspeople who want to incorporate blacksmithing techniques into their work or expand their creative practice.

What others say about the courses

  • Matic

    The course itself surprised me, despite the fact that I am wathcing many YouTube channels on the forging topic, I learned many new things. The course was performed perfectly, one on one, so that the master could dedicate himself to me hundred percent. Safety was provided with lectures and, of course, safety equipment. I definitely recommend the course to anyone who likes to create something with their own hands. You will not be disappointed.

  • Blaž

    The experience and knowledge I have gained from making my (Celtic) knife are simply priceless and unique. We were two students in the forging course. Already while drinking coffee, Mr. Tomaž gave us a lot of theoretical knowledge about blacksmithing, especially how blacksmithing has evolved throughout history, what hammers are used for forging, what different anvils are used for, etc. I have to admit that it is a bit longer than we had imagined, from theory to practice. Thanks to Mr. Tomaž, who guided and advised us throughout the whole process selflessly and above all with nerves of steel, we have a knife of which I am very proud.

  • Robert

    I also took part in forging course with Tomaž and I can give only compliments. I was especially impressed by his professionalism and eagerness to help. The course is perfectly designed and organized. Tomaž is ready to share his rich knowledge and experience in this field and answer all my questions. I highly recommend it.

  • Kristina 04 2022

    I had a blast on Tomaž's forging course. Besides being really professional, Tomaž is also a person, who makes forging fun and easy. It was something completely new for me and with Tomaž's help I've been able to forge myself a beautiful knife. One of the best experiences I've had!

  • Arne

    The blacksmith workshop was excellent. I recommend others attend the blacksmith workshop so that they can make knives at the beginning. I had a great time, so I hope to go to TomTek again. I learned how to make a knife and that you have to let the knife cool for a while and how to bend the tip and that there are several types of anvils, and I would like to have my own forge.

  • Blaž

    I received forging course as a birthday gift. I didn't know what to expect from the course, but I've always admired the craft. I received the 2-day course and I was so positively surprised. Tomaž guided me through the whole process, from forging, to sharpening and also making a wooden handle. I'm so proud that I've managed to forge myself a knife! It's really an unique experience and Tomaž is the best blacksmith to guide you through the process.