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Ever wanted to try blacksmithing?

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I’m self-learned blacksmith, it wasn’t in our family before. Someone needs to be the first, isn’t it so (: And approx. 15 years ago, when I’ve decided I actually want to become a blacksmith, I was searching for knowledge all over – through learning by doing, finding and reading books, internet videos and reaching out to other blacksmiths, willing to pay for any kind of knowledge. In my experience I realised there is too many secrets in our profession in our country, nobody wants to share their knowledge, fearing you will soon be better, that you will steal their ideas. This was especially common with the older blacksmiths (don’t be mistaken, I’ve made really good relationships with some of the younger ones, to whom I owe a lot of my knowledge). But in my opinion, not sharing knowledge is a big waste, since there is no blacksmithing school and all precious knowledge and vast experience of blacksmithing goes to waste. It’s hard to maintain a tradition if we won’t share it. That’s why I’ve decided to pass on my knowledge to anyone who willing to learn or try something new.

At the moment I can offer you four different blacksmithing courses (on mobile phones scroll left or right for options):

Starting the fire

General basic 1- or 2-day blacksmithing course, which focuses on bases of forging, creating curves and other basic shapes.

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Revive the blade

Basic 1-day blacksmithing course with the focus on making a knife (both blade and handle are made of metal).

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Steel meets wood

Basic 2-day blacksmithing course with the focus on making a knife and designing a handle (out of different materials).

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Who’s the Master?

Advanced blacksmithing course (based on your experience level I design the course that will suit you most).

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All courses have a maximum of two participants and we can arrange an individual course as well. With this course format I can fully focus on your development and learning, help you during the process and ensure you gain as much knowledge and experience as possible and need for your start.

The blacksmith tools, safety equipment and materials are part of the course and provided to you. I’m open to your ideas of using other special materials, but keep in mind the extra price of the materials can add to the final course cost.

A blacksmith course is suitable for all gendres and age above 16 years.



Choosen materials often depends on purpose of use of a product, but also on your desires. I use high quality materials to prolong durability and to maintain great condition of my products during many years.


When we agree upon a project, I will stick with established deadline and timely deliver final product. I’m flexible with a project timeline, but keep in mind that quality takes time.


Through many different project I’ve gained vast experience which helps me to conquer new challenges. Because of variety of finished projects I’m fast with solving problems and proposing innovative solutions to your inqury.


Quality is expensive, but it lasts. I give a lifetime guarantee on (a normal use) of my products which are made with materials I initially recommend.

What my students say

The course itself surprised me, despite the fact that I am wathcing many YouTube channels on the forging topic, I learned many new things. The course was performed perfectly, one on one, so that the master could dedicate himself to me hundred percent. Safety was provided with lectures and, of course, safety equipment. I definitely recommend the course to anyone who likes to create something with their own hands. You will not be disappointed.

- Matic

I also took part in forging course with Tomaž and I can give only compliments. I was especially impressed by his professionalism and eagerness to help. The course is perfectly designed and organized. Tomaž is ready to share his rich knowledge and experience in this field and answer all my questions. I highly recommend it.

- Robert