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Selection of different polishing pastes, depending on the on the work surface material to be polished. Choose between different options, as described below.

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Choose the most applicable buffing compound depending on the work surface material to be polished. The use of the polishing paste differs from stage 1 to 10, meaning 1 is the start and 10 is the end of polishing process:

  • Viola     (stage 1-3) polishing steel and stainless steel after the use of grinding belts
  • Green   (stage 2-4) polishing  steel and brass  – recommended with sisal polishing wheel
  • Yellow  (stage 5-7) polishing stainless steel – recommended with cotton polishing wheel
  • Blue      (stage 8-9) polishing steel and stainless steel

For the forged knifes I highly recommend the use of the green and blue paste. For optimal polishing it is desirable to have different polishing wheels for each polishing paste.

Be careful! Paste color from different manufacturers does not always mean that the paste has the same content.



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Green, Blue, Yellow, Violet


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