Leather Protector – Brown


Leather protector.

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Leather is a unique material that will return the favor for many years if you take care of it.
For everyday use, the “Black” protector is perfect. For more neglected leather you need a little more.

In the Leather protector you will find 25% of the composition made from macadamia oil. Also oils that nourish the leather with lots of vitamins and fatty acids like sweet almond, argan and others. All cold-pressed, unrefined. You’ll also find shea butter and pure lanolin, witch are great for lubricating your leather.

It contains 3 natural waxes of varying hardness and melting point, including beeswax.
A large amount of propolis will protect against mold. The rest is proprietary blend of “Protector Black”.
In total it contains 13 premium ingredients that will perfectly nourish and protect your leathers.

“Brown Protector” is 100% natural and can come in contact with food.

Extend 1-2mm. Apply a small amount and spread with your finger. It’s best applied with room temperature and left for a few minutes to absorb. For a very old and dry leather, you can repeat the process until you get satisfactory results. At the end you can polish it preferably with a cotton cloth.

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