Blade Stainless Steel 1.4125 (AISI 440C)


Material size is 4,2 x 50 x 660 mm.
Probably the best-known stainless knife steel.

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Content: C 1.05%, Si 0.40% Mn 0.40% Cr 16.7%, Mo 0.50%

Probably the best-known stainless knife steel.
Hardness approx. 58-60 HRC.
Very high resistance to rust.
Very good to polish.
High edge retention on sharpening level B / C .
Recommendation for outdoor knives, camping knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, etc.
NOT suitable for Damascus steel!
Hardening: 1040 ° / Tempering at 100 ° C for 2 x 2 hours (in between quenching in cold water) gives approx. 58 HRC
The steel can be harden up to 62 HRC.

Important info: The steel is annealed and is delivered to us in large plates (about 2x1m). We have the panels cut into strips of 40 mm. width. It may happen that the cut strips are slightly bent. However, it is not a problem to straighten them over the knee, with a vise, or hammer and anvil.

Additional information

Weight 1.26 kg
Dimensions 100 × 4 × 0.4 cm


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