Blade Stainless Steel 1.4125 (AISI 440C)

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Probably the best-known stainless knife steel.

  • Recommended use for: Outdoor, hunting, camping, pocket and kitchen knives.
  • Damascus steel: NOT suitable for Damascus steel!
  • Material size (more options, select below):
    • 4,2 x 50 x 325 mm,
    • 4,2 x 50 x 660 mm.

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Probably the best-known stainless knife steel. 440C stainless steel is an excellent choice for high-quality knives due to its exceptional hardness and wear resistance, derived from its high carbon and chromium content. This material is particularly recommended for the creation of different types of knives, where its ease of sharpening, impressive edge retention, and resilience against harsh conditions make it shine, while also offering a cost-effective solution.

Recommended use for

Ideal for creating sharp, durable outdoor and hunting knives, as well as premium kitchen cutlery, our steel assures unwavering sharpness and precision in every cut, outperforming standard blades.

Damascus steel

NOT suitable for Damascus steel!

Material size (more options):

  • 4,2 x 50 x 325 mm
  • 4,2 x 50 x 660 mm
  • C 1.05%
  • Si 0.40%
  • Mn 0.40%
  • Cr 16.7%
  • Mo 0.50%

Hardness approx. 58-60 HRC.
Very high resistance to rust.
Very good to polish.
High edge retention on sharpening level B / C.

Hardening and tempering

Hardening: 1040 ° / Tempering at 100 ° C for 2 x 2 hours (in between quenching in cold water) gives approx. 58 HRC
The steel can be harden up to 62 HRC.

Important info

The steel is annealed and is delivered to us in large plates (about 2x1m). We have the panels cut into strips of 40 mm. width. It may happen that the cut strips are slightly bent. However, it is not a problem to straighten them over the knee, with a vise, or hammer and anvil.

Comparison between 440C (1.4125) and Böhler N690 (1.4528):
  • 440C stainless steel and Böhler N690 are both high-quality materials suitable for crafting various types of knives, from hunting to culinary tools. 440C, known for its high carbon content, excels in applications where superior edge retention and easy sharpening are critical, making it an ideal choice for hunting and kitchen knives. It offers a cost-effective solution for blades that are frequently sharpened and used regularly.
  • On the other hand, Böhler N690, fortified with cobalt and vanadium, provides exceptional wear and corrosion resistance. This steel is perfect for crafting dive knives or high-end culinary tools that need to withstand damp environments and rigorous use. While the two can be used interchangeably, the decision between them should factor in specific usage and maintenance considerations. N690 is your go-to for applications demanding prolonged sharpness and exceptional durability, especially under harsh conditions.

Additional information

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Dimensions 66 × 4 × 0.4 cm


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