Blade Steel 1.2235 (AISI L2)

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Blade Steel 1.2235 (AISI L2) assures a steadfast, durable blade steel, making it a preferred pick for enthusiasts who prioritize functionality and long-term performance in cutting tools. Recognized for its no-nonsense, solid reliability in varied use-cases.

  • Recommended use for: AISI L2 excels in forming robust hunting knives, work blades, and durable kitchen cutlery, promising a uniform, high-level performance in each use.
  • Damascus Steel: Incorporating AISI L2 in Damascus steel yields a distinct grey color, providing makers a blend of reliable strength and a straightforward pattern for crafting quality, enduring knives.
  • Material size (more options, select below):
    • 3,15 x 60 x 260 mm
    • 3,15 x 60 x 735 mm.

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AISI L2 stands out in the knife-making world, offering a tough and reliable blade steel, vital for high-performing cutting tools. This blade steel doesn’t waver, providing a solid base for knives that consistently deliver.

Recommended use for

AISI L2 is geared for use where reliable performance is key. It’s optimized for crafting strong hunting knives, sharp swords, dependable work blades, bushcraft, and resilient kitchen cutlery. It’s proven its worth in various settings: field, workshop, and kitchen, ensuring steady, top-tier performance.

Damascus Steel

Utilizing AISI L2 in Damascus steel introduces a notable grey shade. It’s a steadfast choice for blade makers who want reliable strength and a clear pattern in their designs. Appreciated for its straightforward, durable properties, it’s a common pick for top-quality knives.

Material size (more options):

  • 3,15 x 60 x 260 mm
  • 3,15 x 60 x 735 mm
  • C: 0,60 – 0,70 %
  • Cr: 0,60 %
  • Mn: 0,50 %
  • Si: 0,25 %
  • V: 0,15 – 0,25 %
  • P: ≤ 0,025%
  • S: ≤ 0,015%

Through meticulous heat treatment, AISI L2 achieves a hardness of roughly 57-62 HRC. It provides a durable edge, solid wear resistance, and maintains stability under stress, assuring it meets the demands of challenging usage scenarios.

Hardening and tempering

Straightforward hardening at 800-850 °C, followed by tempering for 1h at 180 °C (to pale yellow), gives AISI L2 a hardness of about 61 HRC.

Balancing strength and edge retention, it’s built to last, providing dependable performance and assurance under demanding conditions. Regular care and maintenance preserve its top-quality, ensuring your AISI L2 blades enjoy a lengthy, productive life.

Robust Choice for Real-World Use

Sturdy, reliable, and fuss-free, AISI L2 blade steel is for makers and users who prioritize consistent, dependable performance from their tools in all situations. Made for those who put their blades to work, AISI L2 is a pragmatic choice for a working knife, ensuring a reliable foundation for every cut

Important info

Sourced in an annealed state, our steel arrives in expansive plates, typically measuring around 2x1m. Customization is made by trimming these plates into strips, optionally at 60 mm widths. Minor warping/bends from cutting is common yet can be effortlessly remedied using simple straightening methods (straighten them over the knee, with a vise, or hammer and anvil).

Additional information

Weight 1.57 kg
Dimensions 73.5 × 6 × 0.31 cm


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