Wooden Boat 2

Every year a special project is delivered by archeological group Stik, which focuses on creating of huge historic wooden boat. It takes place at old part of Ljubljana called Špica, where, after finishing it, they put the boat directly into the river Ljubljanica. This project can take up to a few months to finish, since they are carving up the boat without any electrical tools, just like they did it in the past. I was happy to collaborate with them in creation of their second wooden boat, where I was forging directly on building site and creating an unique set of historic nails and iron fittings for the boat.

The project tested not only my creativity, but also my blacksmithing skills. It was a positive challenge, learning and solving problems on the go. Since the final event was published and approaching fast, the element of time pressure was present, too. The guys are an excellent team to work with and I had no doubt we would deliver it on time!

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