Grill Mobil Cover

Have you ever thought a grill or a smoker can actually be put on a trailer? Well, you’re not the first one! We did this project from scratch, meaning we designed everything from trailer base to final touches of the grill and smoker. This beast was made for a special customer and you can see it on every major Slovenian BBQ or grill festivals.



It was named “Grill Mobil”, since it is basically a grill on wheels, which moves anywhere you want. It consists of:

  • two big grills, where you can grill pretty much anything;
  • its essential part is the smoker with 4 shelves;
  • designated place below smoker where you put wood and water to create the actual smoke.


A lot of thought, ideas and testing was put into this design to create the perfect taste of smoked meat.

A lot of small details were important to us while creating this project. Everything serves a purpose and contribues also contributes to the unique look of the Grill Mobil. Since we build them ourselves from the bare beginning we can ajust every little thing to your desire, and with our careful thought and advise on functionality of each part, it will be made to perfection.