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NMN 2024

Dragonslayer: Unleash your inner knight


Fight the dragon and win a fantastic prize:
  1. PRIZE: Awesome hand-forged knife or unique forging course (your choice) (approx. value 250 EUR).

But don’t worry, if you don’t win you can still get a prize! Among all the warriors, we will randomly draw one who will receive a pendant of their choice (worth €20).

All you have to do is hold the sword in the dragon’s mouth (between its teeth) with one hand. Hold it as long as you can. Hold it as if your life depended on it! And maybe you will be the best of all knights and win the final prize. Just remember that there are no beautiful princesses to rescue in this fight 😉

To participate in this battle, buy a sticker worth (only!) 5 EUR at TomTek stand and enter your details below. The knight who will hold the sword for the longest, will be a winner of this fight.


    Still not sure? Take a sneak peek how a winning prize looks like!