Blade Steel 1.2519 (AISI O7)


Material size is 5 x 40 x 625 mm.
Secret advice for really long cutting blades for hunting knifes and all other every day carry. Color if used in Damascus steel: grey.

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Content: C:1,15%/Mn:0,4%/W:1,4%/Cr:1,3%/V:0,25%
Knife steel with highest edge retention and a biting sharpness.
Color if used in Damascus steel: grey.

Hardness 62-63 HRC.
Highest edge retention by tungsten alloy.
Advice for sharpness level A to C .
Hardening: 830 ° C (holding time 2-3 minutes per mm thickness) / annealing at 170 ° C for 1 h = ca. 62-63 HRC.

Important info: The steel is soft annealed and comes to us in big sheets (about 2x1m). The sheets are cut for us into stripes of 40 to 60mm.
Because of the cutting process the steel may be a little twisted, but it is easy to bend it straight again by using your knee, a vice, or hammer and anvil.

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Weight 1.02 kg
Dimensions 62.5 × 4 × 0.5 cm


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