Survival knife



This outdoor knife isn't just any ordinary knife. It is bigger, heavier and wider, so it could be as effective as it gets. Because of its length and width it’s a versatile partner for all outdoor activities. Forged finish gives it an unique look and design, deserving being the name of a survival knife.

Is this survival knife for me?

If you're an outdoor enthusiast this is a must-have knife for you. It can be used for chopping your way through the forest or cutting smaller trees. The back of the blade was designed for igniting sparks on flint stone. This feature helps you start a fire, which makes it a real survival knife. Only your imagination sets limits to the uses of this versatile tool.

Why order this knife?

  • High resistance to damages of

    extreme outdoor use.

  • Suitable for chopping your way through

    the forest (bigger and thicker blade).

  • Walnut wooden handle offers a natural

    feeling of the grip.

  • Special blade design with hammered

    finish for a badass knife look.


  • Overall Length
  • Blade Length
  • Blade Height
  • Blade Thickness
  • Recommended Materials

    (content of carbon & chrome)

  • Price Range
  • Availability
  • approx. 250 – 300 mm
  • approx. 160 – 180 mm
  • approx. 60 mm
  • approx. 6 – 7 mm
  • A6 (ASIS), 70MnMoCr8 (DIN)

    C: 0,65-0,75; Cr: 0,90-1,20

  • 200 – 250 € (without sheath)
  • Sold (available on demand)

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